Currently, there are eight Share Literacy Chapters in the USA with volunteers who are the backbone of Share Literacy efforts on a regional level. They raise funds, research and vet worthy partner programs.

Contact the Share Literacy
Chapter in Your Region

To find out more about current plans and activities in your region and how you can help, contact the nearest chapter coordinator from the list below.

To use the addresses below please remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol.

If your community is outside one of the regional chapters listed below, please contact the Share Literacy Program Director, by email (sharehoopoe @ aol.com), by phone or by fax a 408-445-9639.

Alaska Chapter
Contact the Alaska coordinator, Philip Farson, by email (akfarson @ yahoo.com)

Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Serves Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia
Contact the Mid-Atlantic coordinator, Dan Sperling, by email (dans @ origins1.com )

New England
Serves Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Contact the Northeast coordinator, Sally Whittaker, by email (salwhit @ earthlink.net)

New York Chapter
Contact the New York coordinator, Sally Mallam, by email (sharehoopoe @ aol.com)

Northern California Chapter
Contact the Northern California coordinator, Sally Mallam, by email (sharehoopoe @ aol.com)

Southern California Chapter
Contact the Southern California coordinator, Kristian Blom, by email (kristian @ verizon.net)

Northern Texas Chapter
Contact the Northern Texas coordinator, Bob Rogers, by email (bobr123 @ austin.rr.com)

Southern Texas Chapter
Contact the Southern Texas coordinator, Hafeez Diwan, by email (hafdiw @ hotmail.com)




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