FOR GRADES K-2, 3-5, 6-8

“The books are tales from a rich tradition of storytelling from Central Asia and the Middle East. Stories told and retold to children, by campfire and candlelight, for more than a thousand years. Through repeated readings, these stories provoke fresh insight and more flexible thought in children. Beautifully illustrated.”
—NEA Today: The Magazine of the National Education Association

The Hoopoe Teaching-Stories series provides a multicultural program designed to meet the National Standards in Education and guide students towards mastery of the content required by the California Content Standards in: English-Language Arts, History and Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts. These multicultural tales are designed with a wide range of student abilities in mind. Hoopoe Teaching-Stories can be used with: Advanced students, English-language learners, and students with learning disabilities or reading difficulties.

Hoopoe Teaching-Stories prepare students to master the California Reading Standards by helping them build skills in reading comprehension, literary response and analysis, and vocabulary development.

Teacher Lesson Plans have been developed for nine titles that can be used for upper grades.

Each title in the Hoopoe Teaching-Stories Program includes:

  • K through Gr. 8 lesson plans aligned to National Education Standards and California Content Standards
  • Read-aloud and independent reading activities
  • Oral language skill development
  • Higher-level thinking skills
  • Personal response and Reader’s Theater
  • Word study and vocabulary building
  • Main ideas, making inferences, generating analogies, comparing and contrasting
  • Home-to-School communication activities
  • Art activities

Each activity in the lesson plans includes a rubric designed to facilitate informal student assessments by the teacher.

There are six Hoopoe titles for Grades K-2. Click here to see books & curricula materials + prices.

There are five Hoopoe titles for Grades 3-5. Click here to see books & curricula materials + prices.

There are three Hoopoe titles for Grades 6-8. Click here to see books & curricula materials + prices.

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