Home Literacy Kits

Objectives of Home Literacy Kits:
  • To increase the reading fluency of students.
  • To improve students' comprehension through repeated reading.
  • To increase students' interest in reading by providing books and teaching materials at home.
  • To train parents in specific skills and strategies to help their children with reading at home.
  • To increase parent/child interaction through the reading process.
  • To encourage and enable parents to use community resources for their children's reading.

Building Strong Reading and Writing Skills

Kids from Rosemount showing kits
Kids from Rosmount Center in Washinton D.C. proudly showing their Home Literacy Kits

Most parents know how important it is for their children to build strong reading and writing skills and are strongly motivated to do everything they can to help their child succeed.

But often parents are unsure of what they can do, what they should do, and what will be most effective. Especially in bilingual households or households where parents are still developing their own reading and language skills, they may even be afraid of doing something wrong.

Home Literacy Kits are invaluable tools for helping children and their families read and learn together.

They can be purchased alone or as a component of the Hoopoe Early Literacy Curriculum.

Home Literacy Kits are available for seven of our titles:
The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal
The Farmer's Wife
The Man With Bad Manners
The Man and the Fox
The Old Woman and the Eagle
The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water
The Silly Chicken

All kits are available in English-only, Spanish-only or Spanish-English bilingual editions.

Each Home Literacy Kit includes:

  • a paperback book (some bilingual editions have 2 paperback books, one in Spanish and one in English.)
  • a CD with English and/or Spanish readings, with and without page-turn signals
  • the Read Together newsletter in English and/or Spanish with activities for parents and caregivers to promote literacy in the home
  • instructions on how parents/caregivers can use the material in the home
  • a feedback questionnaire for families, when part of the Hoopoe Early Literacy Curriculum, and it is designed help teachers and our consultants evaluate the program (available only in circumstances where they can be collected and returned to Share Literacy in a self-addressed envelope provided)

The most important benefit of the kits is that the children get to keep the books, and for many, this will be the first books they own. This can be a seminal experience that affects their life-long attitude toward reading and literature, especially if their parents and family members are encouraged to read together with them every day.

The Read Together Newsletter

An issue of the Read Together newsletter, written in Spanish and/or English, accompanies each book and CD included in the Home Literacy Kit. The newsletter offers parents and caregivers fun and interesting activities to enhance the experience of reading the story with their children. In addition to comments on the story, each issue stresses the need for parents and caregivers to become key partners in their children's education, provides information on the importance of reading regularly with their child, and provides 10 tips for reading with children and insights about how children learn.


Purchase Home Literacy Kits

Home Literacy Kits are available at Share Prices to qualified Share Partners. For information on becoming a Share Partner, please click here.

SHARE PRICES: Literacy programs and other educational organizations that have qualified as a Share Partner are eligible to order Home Literacy Kits at Share Partner Prices.

The Man and the Fox HLK

The Man and the Fox Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK7 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK7E (English-only)
Item# HLK7S (Spanish-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Man With Bad Manners HLK

The Man With Bad Manners Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK6 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK6E (English-only)
Item# HLK6S (Spanish-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Farmer's Wife HLK

The Farmer's Wife Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK1 (bilingual, English-Spanish)
Item# HLK1E (English-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Silly Chicken home literacy kit

The Silly Chicken Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK4 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK4E (English-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water HLK

The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK2 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK2E (English-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Clever Boy and the Terrible Dangerous Animal home literacy Kit

The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK3 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK3E (English-only)
Share Price: $9.25

The Old Woman and the Eagle HLK

The Old Woman and the Eagle Home Literacy Kit.

Item# HLK5 (bilingual English-Spanish)
Item# HLK5E (English-only)
Item# HLK5S (Spanish-only)
Share Price: $9.25




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