About Share's Early Learning Curriculum

Share Literacy's Curriculum was specifically designed to help teachers meet and measure mandated instructional goals and objectives. Planning and assessment tools align with standards and objectives common to all early-childhood programs such as the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework, state and NAEYC guidelines, as well as to national and state guidelines for grades K-8.

The Hoopoe Childhood Literacy Curriculum program and materials include:

Pilot Programs: Share Literacy’s Home Literacy Kits and Early Literacy Curriculum were tested in several pilot projects across the country, including Rosemount Center in Washington, DC, and Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland (OH) Head Start. These organizations collected qualitative and quantitative data on classroom and group use of the materials to establish the effectiveness of these partnerships. Completed questionnaires from both teachers and parents were analyzed by Learning Resource Alliance (LRA), an independent organization based in Chicago. A summary of their findings is available here (28 KB pdf).

Pilot Programs are currently running for Gr. K – 8. Results will be posted as soon as available.


Overview of Evaluation
Evaluation is a critical component of successful educational programs. Evaluations help to determine whether a program has achieved its stated goals and objectives and provide feedback to program developers, leading to refinements and improvements in future programs.

Evaluations of our programs for Gr. preK – 8 are multifaceted and comprehensive, incorporating both process and outcome evaluation methods. All evaluations are assessed by an independent evaluator, and the strictest confidence is observed on all questionnaires.

Process Evaluation
Process evaluation data focus on program implementation – how many teachers are trained and ultimately, how many children are served. We will collect the following data as part of the process evaluation:

  • Number of teachers participating
  • Number of hours training per teacher
  • Materials distributed to teachers
  • Number of teachers implementing the curriculum
  • Curriculum use (hours/days activities implemented in the classroom)
  • Number of children/students served
  • Number of Home Literacy Kits, books or CDs distributed to families

Outcome Evaluation
Outcome evaluation efforts will focus on assessing evidence of program impact. Do the teachers acquire new knowledge and skills? Are they able to engage parents? How do the children respond to the program? In order to answer these questions, the evaluation will investigate the impact of the program on each group of stakeholders - teachers, students, and parents.

Our evaluation team has developed a series of questionnaires, which are distributed to all program participants to be filled out anonymously. Questionnaires are as follows:

  • Teacher Questionnaires
    Teacher questionnaires assess teachers’ perceptions of the materials, their own learning and skill development, and the impact of the program on their students.
  • Parent/Caregiver Questionnaires (PreK-2)
    Parent Questionnaires assess parents’ perceptions of the materials, and the impact the materials had on both themselves and their children with respect to a variety of learning and behavioral objectives.
  • Student Questionnaires (Gr. 3-8)
    Student questionnaires assess students’ perceptions of the materials used both in the classroom and in the home and the impact the materials had on themselves and their families with respect to a variety of objectives.
  • Workshop Evaluations
Teachers complete a workshop evaluation at the end of each training session.

Program Assessment – Questionnaires and evaluations are assessed by an independent evaluator. Results are made available to participating programs.

About Our Material & Workshops

•  Teaching-Storiestm (Books and CDs)

These Teaching-Stories come from the rich storytelling tradition of Afghanistan and have been told and retold for centuries throughout Central Asia and the Middle East. These universal stories combine colorful characters, vibrant imagery, and ingenious plots. They not only entertain but have been specifically designed to develop thinking and problem-solving skills by presenting a series of unexpected patterns and relationships. They build confidence and prepare the child for unexpected events.

The Teaching-Stories and this program are designed to:

  • Develop children's oral language, questioning and higher-level thinking skills
  • Address the whole child, including developing empathy
  • Encourage analogical thinking
  • Present multicultural literature to help build tolerance and understanding
  • Encourage parents and caregivers to become more involved in their children's school lives
  • Improve parent knowledge of and involvement in literacy activities
  • Offer bilingual materials and activities to promote student success
  • Identify the national standards and assessments through each activity
  • Provide professional development

Audio CDs have been developed for each of the Teaching-Stories. The CDs are available in English-only and/or bilingual (English-Spanish) versions, and have tracks with and without page-turn signals to aid in independent reading.

For a complete list of books, program materials and prices Click Here (672 KB pdf).

•  Home Literacy Kit

Home Literacy Kits (HLK) are available in bilingual Spanish-English and/or English-only or Spanish-only editions for seven preK – 2 titles. Each HLK contains a:

  • Beautifully illustrated paperback book
  • CD with and without page-turning signals
  • Read Together Newsletter with simple activities for reading aloud and encouraging literacy in the home

•  Parent DVD

Teachers also receive guidance on encouraging parent participation which includes the DVD, The Magic of Reading, (in English only) a guide to promoting regular reading at home that can be shown as part of a parent/caregiver event. This is an engaging, informative presentation that helps parents understand how and why to read aloud to their children.

  • DVD includes a read-aloud of one of the Teaching-Stories
  • DVD can be shown during a parent meeting or event

Contact us for more information on how to start using Share Literacy's Early Learning Curriculum for your classroom.

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Click Here for more information on Home Literacy Kits or to purchase them separately from the early literacy curriculum.



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