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Having as few as 20 books in the home has a significant impact on propelling a child to a higher level of education, and the more books you add, the greater the benefit. 
(20-year study, University of Nevada.)

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Share Literacy Chapters are administered by volunteers.
100% of your contribution gives books to needy children.

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Mission and goals:
Our mission is to address and reduce the growing literacy gap between rich privileged and poor at risk children and their families. Share Literacy promotes the development of reading and thinking skills by partnering with established early childhood education agencies serving poverty-level and low-income families, with after-school programs and with organizations providing ESL and adult literacy instruction.

Program goals:
  • Improve literacy skills
  • Encourage the development of higher-level thinking skills
  • Ensure that every child participating in a Share Literacy program takes home at least one book to keep
  • Improve parental knowledge and involvement in the development of their children's literacy
  • Promote tolerance and understanding by using multicultural literature designed to teach problem-solving and commonality of human experience
  • Improve teachers' instructional skills in the areas of early literacy and literacy training
Programs: 'Teaching-Stories: Learning that Lasts'
  • We provide a complete curriculum: lesson plans, activity guides with quality books and audio recordings of them (English or bilingual Spanish-English) that children can take home and keep, along with activities to engage parents and foster a home-school connection.
  • Our professional development program offers hands-on opportunities using our lesson plans, activity guides, and other educational aids.
  • Teachers and other professionals learn how to improve students' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking skills while utilizing best-practice educational strategies.
  • Workshops permit time for collegial discussion and for sharing professional successes and frustrations helping teachers to increase their expectations and reinvigorate their commitment.
Over the past 13 years, with the help of grants from several foundations and many individual donors, Share Literacy has served over 600,000 disadvantaged children in the U.S. and other countries. We provide books and training materials, plus professional development services at cost. We rely on donations and grants to cover these costs to enable us to continue our services and expand.

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All children deserve an equal start in life and having books in the home and reading to our children are the two most important indicators for future school success. Please DONATE now to help us provide new, beautiful books to young children who have no books of their own!

Since we started Share Literacy in 2000, we've distributed over 600,000 books to schools, youth programs, homeless shelters, hospitals & clinics, and community service centers, etc. So many organizations depend on our help every year to brighten up the lives of the children they serve over the holiday season and throughout the year.


This past holiday season, Hoopoe Share Literacy once again donated thousands of books to the ALUM ROCK UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT in San Jose CA. Their Director of Academic Services, Sharon DeAngelo, writes:
“...I cannot express my appreciation enough for the rich stories in Hoopoe books, and their positive portrayal of Middle Eastern life. I firmly believe these books help us to see the similarities in all of our lives, and how these threads of similarity bind us together.” To read the full letter and see student “Thank-You” letters, click here (1.1 MB pdf).


From California to DC to Massachusetts to Costa Rica – over 7,300 children were given a beautifully illustrated centuries-old folktale as a present this past holiday season. Plus many agency teachers and leaders were given books and audio CDs for their classroom libraries and sight-impaired children.

Children holding Hoopoe books

Children holding Hoopoe books
Happy children receive a Hoopoe book at the 2013 Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester, Massachusetts Holiday Party.

Costa Rican school children and teachers enjoy Hoopoe Books donated to the school library in early 2013
. Here are some photos provided by one of our supporters:

The HOMELESS PRENATAL PROGRAM of San Francisco received 300 home literacy kits for the 2013 holidays. The Donations Coordinator, Sharon Bechtol, writes “It is amazing to see the reactions of mothers and families when they receive items they need from our program. Gifts like [Hoopoe books] provide our clients with the support and confidence they need to transform their lives...Hoopoe Books’ donation helps us serve the fastest growing segment of America's 3.5 million homeless people: families with children.”

Hoopoe Books support recent Afghan Refugees. This past holiday season, Share Literacy was able to distribute not only English language, but also a few of the rare samples of our Afghan language books to families of recently relocated Afghan refugee families in the San Francisco Bay Area. This gift was made through the Catholic Charities Refugee Relocation program, whose representative Azra Macek writes: “We were able to distribute the Hoopoe books that your Program was able to donate.... The parents and children were happy and surprised by this type of kindness, as well as to receive the children’s books in their language of origin.

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter – 3,280 children received books and/or Home Literacy Kits.

Washington DC Chapter – 2,470 books, 400 Home Literacy Kits, and over 600 audio CDs were given to children in Head Start programs, community health clinics, schools, and educational centers.

Massachusetts Chapter  – over 1200 books were distributed to children.

Costa Rica Chapter – 300 books were given out to school children.

From Our Friends in Canada

Canada's Institute for Cross-Cultural Exchange (ICE) has donated 142,000 books to disadvantaged children in Canada, Afghanistan and Mexico, since they began in 2004. In the fall of 2013 they delivered 1500 teachers' guides to Afghan schools together with 10,000 Dari-Pashto & English-language editions of Hoopoe books to children in Kunar and Nangarhar Provinces in Afghanistan. They also donated 10,000 English editions to Canadian children and 500 Spanish editions to Mexican children in Cuernavaca. For more information on ICE, go to their website at

Afghan student reading a Hoopoe book to fellow students
Afghan children reading a Hoopoe book provided by Hoopoe Books & ICE in 2013.

Read the article in the .ca Intelligencer about how Hoopoe books can create patterns and relationships that nurture a part of the mind that is not as easily reached in direct ways. Click here for the pdf (90 KB).

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Books for Afghanistan keeps culture an open book. Read more about Hoopoe stories and book distribution in the US and Afghanistan at


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